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Suessical the Musical Final Cast List


The Cat in the Hat – Seth Nehring

Jojo – Maddy Brown

Horton – Max Peterson

Gertrude – Chea Clearwood

Mayzie La Bird – Brittney Nearpass

Sour Kangaroo – Hana Pestle

Monkeys – Jesse Schnieder, Scott Cassity, Peter Turco Burke

General Schmitz – David Ginn

Wickersham Brothers – Adam Christie, Eric Mundt, Andy Hansen

Yertle – Erin Claxton

Fish – Kimiko Bennion

Mr. Mayor -- Andrew Smith

Mrs. Mayor – Amy Fladmo

Bird Girls – Lauren Swanberg, Molly Hargrove, Charlee Bettise, Justine Summers, Erin Schneider, Marie Burke, Katie Rehberg, Kirsten Khoe, Kolette Johnson, Kat Camposan, Josie Atkinson

Citizens of the Jungle – Ila Erickson, Kristalle Larsen, Danielle Guyer, Brenna Braaten, Michelle Harris, Kayleigh Byford, Rose Livingston, Marshall Granger, Kayla Hayworth

Whos – Adam Roebling, Skylar Jessen, Elliot Peterson, Alex Roebling, Ciera Mullowney, Erica Adkins, Anna Howard, Cassie Hammond,

Circus Members – Dawn Carter, Jessica Holden,

Cadets – Colin Zinnecker, Brianna Gillis, Jacie Fields, Whitney Schug,

Grinch – Joe Szillat

Hunches – Mandi Bauer, Amber Sommerfeld, Pari Kemmick, Meghan Stanley, Whitney Knopp, Emily Spang, Samantha Brown, Tiffany Melia, Jacob Klimper, Monica Lee

Bailiff – Charlee Bettise

Judge – Spencer Vancleeve

Jury – TBA


WOW!  I can’t believe the level of talent that walked into Venture Theatre for the auditions for all the shows, but you actors for Seussical were amazing!  This includes everyone who wanted to be part of the project in the cast.  This, however, is only a partial cast list.  All those who are listed in smaller ensembles will be in a ton of stuff.  Those of you who worked with me on Guys and Dolls know that everyone makes a contribution to a musical that I direct.  So if you didn’t get the part you wanted, take heart, you will have a great time and will have much to do. 

This is gonna be a great production featuring some “wicked-good” talent.  I’m honored to have met you and I look forward to directing all of you.  Our first meeting will be this Saturday, May 22 @ 1pm down at Venture Theatre.  We will have a short organizational meeting (no more than an hour).  We’ll hand out CD’s and scripts, and we’ll begin to take measurements for our costume plot.  If you need info or if you can’t be there, call the theatre at 591-9535.

Romeo and Juliet Cast

ESCALUS (PRINCE) -- Jessica Koch

MONTAGUE -- Sean Connors

CAPULET -- Eric Mundt

ROMEO -- Seth Nehring

MERCUTIO -- David Ginn

BENVOLIO -- Aaron Brown

TYBALT -- Tyler Atwood

PARIS -- Andrew Gumm

FRIAR LAURENCE -- Max Peterson

FRIAR JOHN -- Mark Peters

BALTHASAR -- Charlee Bettise

SAMPSON -- Joe Szillat

GREGORY -- Jake Holshue


ABRAHAM -- Ken Daniels

APOTHECARY -- Chaslee Schweitzer

PAGE  -- Lia Petriccione

PAGE -- Whitney Schug

LADY MONTAGUE -- Kimiko Bennion

LADY CAPULET -- Erin Claxton

JULIET -- Annika Tostengard

NURSE -- Tuesday Rogers



1980’s New Wave Ensemble: 

Erin Schneider                       Ciera Mullowney

Jacie Fields                              Emily Cossitt

Talia Harris                            Amanda Hansen

Dawn Carter                              Marie Burke

Maddy Brown                       Brenna Braaten

Erica Adkins                                  Katie Olp

Tiffany Melia                          Cary Jorgensen

Kristalle Larsen                    Justine Summers

Colin Zinnecker               Peter Turco-Burke

Alex Roebling                          Jesse Schneider

Rob Livingston                             Josh Sears

Nicholas Reeves                    Clair Morton          

What an astounding group of actors auditioning for this classic show!  I wish we could have cast all of you, but there were almost 60 who auditioned.  To those who were not cast, keep looking for opportunities at the Venture Youth Conservatory.  You will get your shot.

Those who were cast, we will be meeting on Saturday at 4pm to hand out scripts and discuss scheduling.  It will be a brief meeting, and I hope everyone can come.  The meeting will be no more than an hour guaranteed.  

Nice job at auditions everyone.  It's gonna be a great show, and I look forward to this summers work.



Apocalypso! Cast List

CAL - Samantha Dunn
DWIGHT - Rob Agostinelli
GUS - Mace Archer
SHERRY - Lydia O'Neil
GIN - Eileen Connors
BOONE - Justin Deutscher
WALT - D.R. Edmonds
DORA - Katy Fisk

Thanks to all who auditioned for the show.  It was fun to hear all of you reading.  I look forward to seeing those of you who were not cast in this project again at another audition in the future.

Those who were cast.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.  I would like to have a read through this Tuesday night at 7pm at Venture.  Please bring any scripts that are still floating around out there to that meeting.  Thanks.  It's gonna be a great little show.


Seussical The Musical

Cast list will be posted by 3pm on Monday.


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